Dear Customers, Please Treat Me Gently in 2019

I don't know if everyone has the same feeling. The older we are, the faster the time passes. 2018 disappears like quicksand through our fingers. We haven't had time to sigh with the passage of time, 2019 has rushed to us.  When summing up the work in 2018, I have been thinking about

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ZiBo Seatain, the future can be expected

Zibo Seatain Trading Co., Ltd has a wonderful ending in 2018. Our team keeps growing, our business and our quality keeps improving, so as to provide customers with more perfect and comfy services. In 2019, our strategic partners continue to increase, which means that we get more and more customers trust and recognition.

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A choice you can’t miss about cheap glass candle holder–Seatain Candlestick

Seatain is one of the most professional suppliers of various crystal cheap glass candle holder in China. You can feel assured to wholesale the high quality and lead-free glass candle holder for sale from our company. As one of the lighting fixtures, a glass candle holder refers to an unadorned or decorated appliance

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Seatain Drinkware

Seatain Drinkware offer includes glass teacups for daily use, wine glasses, etc. Customer's logo can be printed on the inner layer for promotional gifts, and the insulation effect is more outstanding. In all material cups, the glass is the healthiest. Because the glass contains no organic chemicals, when people drink a glass or other drinks,

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The Process of Making Glassware by Hand

The glassware already became one necessary in our life. In north China, there are many blowing factories, while in south China, they are mostly produced by machines with low cost. The manual blowing glassware is all depended on the manual operation. So the price will be higher than the machine production. Of course, the

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Seatain Tableware

Seatain Glass is one of the most professional suppliers of various crystal cheap tableware in China. You can feel assured to wholesale the high quality and lead-free tableware for sale from our company Seatain tableware is a surface-processed food container that is hygienic and contains no toxic substances. The bright and clean qualities of glass

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Seatain Glassware

Seatain  Glassware is a reliable and steady bridge between manufacturers of tabletop glassware such as beverage dispenser, high borosilicate, mason jar, &storage jar industry & importers of famous brand clients abroad. The Key person involved as those who love handmade glass, experienced and professional in tabletop glassware such as drinking glass, decoration glass, kitchen glass etc.

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How to communicate with your supplier more efficently

Dear Buyer: How are you today?  It is our lucky to have you visit our website today and reading my letters now. It's kind of a predestination between you and us. We are hoping this lucky meet of us through those letters will bring a meaning result both on you and us. Being a

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New Revison is online

Congrats to SEATAIN GLASSWARE, we finally succeeds in making our new revision of website present to the world!       Although it only arrived today, we have started preparing for it since 1 months ago. We are trying to bring you a better experience when visiting our website.       Thanks to our website designer and engineer,

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